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It’s Crucial to Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

It’s not something to be taken lightly. Every industry across the world should be looking into this factor with eyes wide open to understand why it’s absolutely crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. Not only is it becoming a higher and higher priority with Google, it’s also becoming a higher and higher priority for consumers–your
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What to Know About HTTPS for SEO

In late 2014, Google announced that websites using HTTPS would get a minor boost above the sites with the regular HTTP. But what is HTTPS and who should consider making the switch? HTTPS is the more secured version of a website. You will usually find it on data-collecting websites or those with a login. Think
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How Will Direct Answers Effect Your SEO?

I love this feature on Google–being able to type most direct ended questions and receiving, at the top, a direct answer. It’s pretty great. But the question many in the search engine optimization community wonder is this: When an answer is pulled from a website and displayed in the search results, doesn’t that mean poorly
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Add Vertical Search to Your SEO Strategy

Google has dominated the search engine scene for a long time, giving us the answer we’re looking for when we’re looking for it. And within the last few years, has added a ticker for shopping, images, or videos for a multi-media and multi-functional search experience. However, increasingly, we find consumers don’t always run to Google.
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How to Look Like An Expert

Expert. Noun. A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. Straight from the dictionary. However, so many experts actually don’t see themselves as such. For example, you. You probably don’t see yourself as an expert. But here’s the interesting thing. We’re all an expert in something. And by
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The SEO Philosopher’s Stone

300AD. It was the first mention of the one thing that could turn any base metal to gold or silver, cause immortality, and rejuvenate life. It was the all-encompassing holy grail, if you will, for those who believed in alchemy. The Philosopher’s Stone was even thought to have passed from God to the first man,
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Stop the Spam! A Tale of Spam Bots

While going through Google Analytics, my heart skipped a beat as I noticed rankings and page views have skyrocketed in the past month or so. I mean, after preaching about Google’s notorious length of time proving authority, surely this kind of increase would be something to showcase in six to nine months, right? Perhaps Google
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