Revolutionize Your SEO With Video

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. Much like how the phonebook once had it’s hey-day, so has much of traditional online advertisements. These days, video is the future of online marketing. Why is this? Because though many consumers want quick information, they’re also busy. And though they can find some
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SEO: What’s the Point?

I talk a lot about Search Engine Optimization: the benefits, perks, the crucial aspects to it. I’ve been known to give insights into how to optimize a business’s website to help their likelihood of ranking well within a search query results page. But the truth is, no matter what your website is doing or how
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Why It’s So Important To Set SEO Goals

Search Engine Optimization. It’s highly coveted and touted–the “single most important piece to online marketing.” But so often, businesses are paying good money for SEO and not really understanding the benefits it brings. Sure, there’s numbers, analytics, and so forth, but truth be told, unless a business is seeing real, tangible results, the numbers don’t
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How Do I Create a Killer Headline?

Today I read a statistic that said that of all the places millennials receive their information, they’re preferred place is on a company’s website. However, how many companies are taking the time and energy to make their websites as great as possible–as the best face forward within their industry? Because creating useful content takes time
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Why Your Business Needs To Tweet

I held a seminar recently on social media for businesses and which social media platforms do best for different industries. There was a great turnout and great questions involved. How does Google treat Twitter? Coming off of the social media kick, I discovered a report put out by Stone Temple Consulting that looked at the amount
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Why Not All SEO Is Created Equal

Oh, the good old days of easy SEO–where getting a client to the top rankings of Google took 2 or 3 weeks, maximum. These days, it could take months (or longer) depending on your market and location. But, still, it’s probably one of the more common comments I receive when I’m out discussing SEO with
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Three SEO Factors You Need Right Now

For many ranking factor’s in Google’s SEO (search engine optimization), it requires consistent work for audience engagement, writing articles, and keeping up with social media. In fact, most of Google’s SEO algorithm includes many of these variable-type ranking factors–factors that your business has entire control over. But, did you know that there are some factors that
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It’s Crucial to Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

It’s not something to be taken lightly. Every industry across the world should be looking into this factor with eyes wide open to understand why it’s absolutely crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. Not only is it becoming a higher and higher priority with Google, it’s also becoming a higher and higher priority for consumers–your
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What to Know About HTTPS for SEO

In late 2014, Google announced that websites using HTTPS would get a minor boost above the sites with the regular HTTP. But what is HTTPS and who should consider making the switch? HTTPS is the more secured version of a website. You will usually find it on data-collecting websites or those with a login. Think
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How Will Direct Answers Effect Your SEO?

I love this feature on Google–being able to type most direct ended questions and receiving, at the top, a direct answer. It’s pretty great. But the question many in the search engine optimization community wonder is this: When an answer is pulled from a website and displayed in the search results, doesn’t that mean poorly
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