One Crucial Piece of SEO for Your Digital Marketing Plan

Without this piece, your marketing could be missing it's mark.

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Four Ways to Stand Out in A Crowded Marketplace!

Sometimes it feels like you're standing in the middle of a convention for your industry that you never signed up for.

But you're not like all the rest, right? So, why should you act like it? These four tips will have you standing out from the crowd and envied by your competition.

How Often Should You Blog for Your Business?

Experts say 2-7 times a week... No we aren't kidding. But we have some pointers to help you get results without taking up as much time or effort?

You ready?

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The One Crucial Piece of Your SEO Marketing Puzzle

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a puzzle in and of itself created from over 200 different pieces within the gigantic algorithm, each piece carrying a variable weight, to give you the search results you’re looking for. Because if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you will type something new to refine your search. But
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Crowded Industry? 4 Ways to Stand Out!

“All of the original ideas have been taken. From now on, we’re only copies.” I can’t tell you when I first heard a variation of this quote, though I’m sure it was in my teens. As I tried to stand out of the crowd of pom-poms, horn-rimmed glasses, and trombones, the further I thought was
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Keep Your Business on Google Local

Google has done a brilliant thing, bringing together all the different tools businesses need to succeed: Analytics, Insight, AdWords, Reviews, and more right on one screen. The result? Google My Business. And honestly, it’s beautiful. And downright handy. Before the launch a year ago, someone would have to go to all the different individual places
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Small Business Highlight: Therapeutiks

Gail Williams, owner of Therapeutiks, is one of those people who you can’t help but enjoy being around. She’s bubbly and fun with energy she should bottle up and sell on Etsy. When she offered me a free “ride” on her newest massage equipment, I couldn’t resist. After all, for many of us in business,
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SEO: The One Metric To Rule Them All

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most elusive creature on the internet. It’s constantly changing and growing, unfolding and unpredictable. And with the ever-changing landscape, I get this a lot: When It Comes to SEO, What Do I Need To Be Looking For? Great question. And you’re not going to like the answer. But before
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Before You Hire That Tech Guru!

Welcome to another edition of SEO Tuesday! Today, we’ll be talking in broad strokes about SEO–more specifically (or less, really), techies. Techies are those people who live and breathe the internet and computers and can include designers, developers, programmers, even search engine optimization gurus. (We want to give a warning: this blog will be more
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Leveraging Social Media for Business

It’s hard to talk about SEO Tuesday without bringing up many business’s favorite form of marketing: social media. However fun and addictive social media can be, when it comes to business marketing, social media can be tricky. Done absent-mindedly could end in a mistake that could go viral–and not in a good way. So, what
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