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Four Ways to Stand Out in A Crowded Marketplace!

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How Often Should You Blog for Your Business?

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SEO Tuesday: How Often Should I Blog?

Coming down from an incredible blogging high–a seminar at the local community college tailored to this exact topic. I paid the gods to help me keep it below the 1 hour time limit I had and managed to squeeze out only 30 minutes late. Not too shabby, right? That being said, blogging is HUGE. And
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Top Tips for Marketing in Your Hometown

A few years back, I was assigned an article at the publication where I did most of my freelance writing. It was for an ongoing column that readers loved called, “Hometown Heroes.” This particular article would have me driving about 45 minutes one way to the far edge of a tiny town on a two
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Why Your Company Should Be Marketing to Millennials

Millennials: Tomorrow’s Leaders Is it just me or does it seem like Millennials have become more prevalent in the business world lately? Maybe it’s the influx of technology companies, but it’s ironic, isn’t it? It wasn’t too long ago that the Millennials were cursed for being lazy and entitled, and though I don’t necessarily disagree
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How to Ignite Feeling in Your Audience

Why You’re Not Seeing Conversions on Your Website: Each person is a potential client or customer. How many ads or products do you encounter every day? Hundreds? Thousands? According to the President of Marketing at Yankelovich, Jay Walker-Smith, a consumer has gone from encountering 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to 5,000 a
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Five Ways to Improve Reader Engagement

We’ve mentioned before how many pieces to Google’s search engine optimization algorithm exists, right? Over 200. And one of these is Reader Engagement (or negatively and much more commonly referred to by SEO specialists as Bounce Rate). Bounce Rate refers to the amount of visitors you receive to your website who do not go any
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Your Blog is Ruining Your Business

You’ve probably felt the pressure of blogging for your business. You’ve heard the numerous voices explaining how blogging can single handedly help build your business. But I’m going to tell you a different story: blogging can ruin your business. Let me explain. Back a handful of years ago, I didn’t have a business. I did, however, have
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