SEO Tuesday: How Often Should I Blog?

Coming down from an incredible blogging high–a seminar at the local community college tailored to this exact topic. I paid the gods to help me keep it below the 1 hour time limit I had and managed to squeeze out only 30 minutes late.

Not too shabby, right?

That being said, blogging is HUGE. And by huge, I don’t just mean vast in terms of what’s right and what’s wrong but also huge in affluence.

Did you know: Business to Business (B2B) Marketers who blog will see 67% more leads over those who don’t?

And I’ll go a step further–those who blog are blogging for qualified leads: they’re looking for the information you’re providing.

That’s huge.

I mean, it’s like I told my seminar class a few weeks ago, if I were to set you up with an appointment with a qualified lead every week on Thursdays at 3pm, would you go?

Then why aren’t you right now–by blogging to those who need what you have to say?

The key to blogging success is CONSISTENCY.

Oh, it’s the truth. And it goes for any and every aspect of life.


In the great words of Calvin Coolidge, former US president.

Success comes from persistence, consistency.

And when you give your audience a consistent flow of information, your business will develop a reputation for authority and knowledge.

So, how much is “consistent” and what does that mean exactly?

Experts will say you should be blogging somewhere between 2-7 times a week or more.

But here’s the thing–who has the time to blog every day?

Other than a select few who have made it a personal challenge to blog every day, it’s not in the agenda. Instead, we attend meetings, meet deadlines, talk to clients and customers, and brainstorm new methods of reaching people…

And besides, if we were blogging every day, when would we have time to use our social networks?

oh-i-see-what-you-did-there-baby-memeNow, before we go any further, let’s just say we shouldn’t be putting the cart before the horse.

Or as an old Western Civ professor once said, Decartes before the horse.

(You can picture that now, right? Good.)

Blogging is a necessity, as is social networking, and the two should be treated as complementary and imperative to one another.

When you blog, you are submitting to an eventual larger source of information (the collection you’ve already written)–some articles are probably of similar topics.

By adding to this with a fresh, new piece of content, you’re giving your audience an opportunity to find you through another means to the same topic.

Then, when you share this new blog on social media, your readers will be able to not just find this single post you’ve recently written, but could potentially find others that they could also be interested in.

This is valuable.

If you choose to even blog once a week while remaining active of your social media accounts throughout the work week, sharing other blogs, information, and fun tidbits,you could see a huge difference though the opportunity to link to your own site (to show your expertise) would be smaller.

Whatever number you choose to blog through, keep in mind that you’re speaking to qualified leads. They’re looking for your experience in your field. And truthfully, there isn’t a business out there in which would not benefit from blogging.

So blog once a week. Or twice a week.

Do it every Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. But be sure that whichever day of the week you choose, you keep your promise to have that content to them on that day.

And even make yourself a deadline–to have your blog posted by noon or 9am, before the workday begins.

You may be wondering, “Well, when should I blog every week? What’s the best time and day to get the most bang for my buck?”

I’m glad you asked.

For the most page views, shoot for that blog to be out on Monday between 8am and 11am. Why? Because that’s when everyone is trudging to work and not quite engulfed in work.

For the most engagement, publish between 8am and 11am on Saturday.

What? Saturday?! But that’s my day off!

That’s also everyone else’s day off.


Did you know that most people read their phones or tablets first thing when they wake up in the morning and last thing before they fall asleep?

And they’re probably hanging out at home, not quite ready to get out of bed or get going with errands just yet and they’re looking for some high quality content for inspiration.

Be that inspiration with your knowledge, your voice, and your vision.

Blogging for business is absolutely crucial and can be a way to truly measure success.

In fact, I had a friend who decided to give herself a challenge: to blog every day for a month–including weekends.

By the end of the month, she had over 500 new readers and had been invited to speak to numerous seminars–one of which was a regional conference, all expenses paid.

Just imagine now what your blog could do for you when you give it a little traction?

And don’t forget to measure and test your blogs to determine which blogs are best in your industry for your SEO?

Not sure? Sounds like it may be for next week’s SEO Tuesday!

Questions or Comments?

Please leave them below or send me an email.

As I receive questions, I’ll read through and answer them on my blog with a link to your website (if you provide it)!

You get the answers AND help with your link building.

Let us know what you’re doing to keep yourself motivated to blog consistently.

And as always, thanks for reading!


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