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Google has done a brilliant thing, bringing together all the different tools businesses need to succeed: Analytics, Insight, AdWords, Reviews, and more right on one screen.

The result? Google My Business.

And honestly, it’s beautiful. And downright handy.

Before the launch a year ago, someone would have to go to all the different individual places to get an idea of where their metrics were with website page views, visitors, and conversion rates.

Now, thankfully, they’re all on one page.


Business Owners should take the time to confirm if their business is verified through Google.

But for many businesses, Google My Business isn’t a necessity. They aren’t looking at it every day. Instead, they’re focusing on sales and staying in business.

And honestly, we don’t blame them. Not a bit. After all, metrics don’t pay the bills, right?

Instead, metrics give an idea of where to aim your sales and how to approach your audience. But that still doesn’t mean that they’re actually selling.

Rather, they go hand in hand, marketing and sales, as one navigates for the other.

But now, the vision is getting harsher. As many companies have used Google to verify their business (to allow it to show up on local searches) but have never logged back in.

Because Google wants to show those businesses who are out to help their consumers (versus just looking for the sales numbers), those who aren’t interested in their online audience may begin to see their websites not just shrink in the rankings but become unverified on a local search.

What does Unverified mean for Google?

In short, unverified businesses will become invisible on Google Maps and across all other Google platforms (such as reviews).

So, if you have Google reviews on your business, these along with all other local information will become lost in the ethers.

Businesses received an email to their business accounts warning of the verification process in February of this year. However, some saw it as spam and ignored it.

A wave of un-verification commenced and now, if a business is not showing up in local searches, you can probably blame this new verification process.

How do I know if my business is Unverified?

If you go to Google My Business and log in, you will see your business associated with the account’s dashboard.

At the top will have your business name along with a green check and “Verified” if it no further action needs to be taken. However, if you see that you are unverified, don’t fret. We are here to help.

What do I do if my business is Unverified?


Google Local showcases the local businesses in a search result page directly within the search.

The easiest thing to do, now that the cut off for updating your information and resubmitting to Google has come and gone (in March), is to re-verify using the same tactics as before.

You can either choose to have Google mail a post card with a new PIN for verification to your business address or you can have them call you with a PIN. Once this has been re-entered, you will once again see your business on Google.

In the meantime, you can still update your information and otherwise get your business page ready while you wait for a new PIN to be issued.

The nice thing about Google re-verifing is that businesses who have closed their doors will no longer be seen within the search queries.

The Take Away

Google is working diligently to make searching a nice experience for their consumers. While it is a hassle to reverify a business, it helps keep their records accurate and folks using their search engine.


Here’s an example of Google’s My Business Dashboard that includes Analytics, Insights, AdWords, Reviews, and more.

Google has also done a fantastic job of making signing in a simple and easy (and helpful) experience. In the future, signing in regularly–every three months–will deter having to reverify your business. But while you’re signing in, take a gander at your statistics and see where your business could really do some improvements.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think about Google’s methods of keeping businesses active on their website? Do you love it, hate it, don’t have time for it? Let us know below.

And if you’re using Google My Business frequently, what do you think? Where could Google improve?

Give us your feedback!

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