Leveraging Social Media for Business

It’s hard to talk about SEO Tuesday without bringing up many business’s favorite form of marketing: social media.

However fun and addictive social media can be, when it comes to business marketing, social media can be tricky. Done absent-mindedly could end in a mistake that could go viral–and not in a good way.

So, what are some ways to leverage social media for business?social-media-chalkboard

1. Share, Share, Share.

Everyone has something interesting to say and hopefully that bit of information could be aimed towards you or your industry in which case, share. Even if it’s an opinion or a fan who has shared someone else’s content.

Some may think that sharing others information would make them seem less authoritative or knowledgable of a subject, however, on the contrary.

Because you’re keeping a look out on great content, no matter the original source, the trust you’re building with your audience would only increase.

You’re looking out for them and they know that.

2. Follow Your Competition.

This could help in a number of ways.

First, it would be great to be active in discussions on your competition’s page (in a nice, informative manner–you’re never looking to sell yourself here). This could help show your audience who you are and that you would be considered an expert.

social-media-communication-marketingAlso, it could be a good idea generator. If you notice a certain topic is gaining traction on your competition, perhaps you could also use that topic and put your own business spin to it prior to posting.

It could even give you a friend in the business through sharing each others information. Who says someone can’t be a customer to more than one place?

After all, don’t you shop at more than one grocery store?

3. Build Your Audience Relationship.

Your audience is the most important factor in your business. When everyone wants to feel a sense of community, it’s so important to future that community within your audience on your social networking sites.

Encourage conversations between your business and audience as well as between multiple audience members. Make everyone feel welcome by responding frequently to comments or questions.

Be personable in your language. Use their names. And have fun with it.social-media-icons-on-phone

Social media is what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to add an occasional cute puppy picture or your grandchildren on vacation. You’re human, and people enjoy looking at things that remind them of themselves.

Leveraging social media can be hard for any business to handle but with this one thing in mind, you’ll do fine:

What would I like to see/read/hear/interact with on social media?

And then do just that.

What other tips would you give to businesses on social media? Share below some of your top tips, tricks, or cautionary tales.

Thanks so much for reading SEO Tuesday!

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