Why Your Company Should Be Marketing to Millennials

Millennials: Tomorrow’s Leaders

Is it just me or does it seem like Millennials have become more prevalent in the business world lately?

Maybe it’s the influx of technology companies, but it’s ironic, isn’t it?

It wasn’t too long ago that the Millennials were cursed for being lazy and entitled, and though I don’t necessarily disagree in part, I do see as a possible positive.

“What do you say? Lazy is positive?”

Let me explain.


Lazy and Entitled: The Good Side

Millennial are looking for quick, simple solutions that ultimately get them what they want.

You will rarely see a Millennial, then, enjoy working on something that seemingly has no end or is redundant when there is a simpler way around the issue.

This is one key component as to why you should be marketing to Millennials.

If you have a product or service that can save time or energy while supplying an outcome they want, they will do what they can to purchase.


Where There’s a Will

Generation Y has seen their fair share of inequality.

As generations before found jobs right out of high school or college, many were without a career to pay down their student loans. And it hasn’t gotten much better as more and more people continue heading to college out of high school or as adults.

Gen Y is reluctant to purchase much of anything: a house, a ring, baby items.

And though older generations are cursing, in the marketing world, this could be an awesome thing.

Young, wired and living life on the digital edge -- meet the Millennials

Getting to Know Generation Y

This young generation, they know their stuff.

You won’t be able to use the typical techniques of marketing to get to them. In fact, gimmicks are more likely to end up in a meme than in profit.

So how does your company reach them?

By innovation.

By design.

And by getting to know them very well.

They don’t want to end up like the generations before them, stuck in a job they hate because of a family they love.

Instead, they want to find something they love to do, even if that means purchasing less.

So while it may be harder to sell to the Millennials, it’s easier to reach them.

How is that so after everything I just mentioned?

Because there are so few marketing to them effectively.


Building Relationships

Millennials are all looking to find those who understand them and their ways.

They’re continually looking for smaller houses, starting families later, and enjoying the small things in life like craft beer and Netflix (both of which are simple, lazy, and “entitled” enjoyments).

Figuring out how your product or service fits into that lifestyle is key.

Don’t try to change their mindset to fit your product or service, but allow your product or service to mold seamlessly into their lives.


Remember: simply lazy for an entitled life.

Now It’s Your Turn

What has been your experience marketing to Millennials? What strategies do you use? With there being so many different “types” of Gen Y folks, which group does your company market to and why?

Thanks for reading!

We will see you next week when hopefully it won’t be so snowy and cold!

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