Why Not All SEO Is Created Equal

Oh, the good old days of easy SEO–where getting a client to the top rankings of Google took 2 or 3 weeks, maximum.

These days, it could take months (or longer) depending on your market and location.

But, still, it’s probably one of the more common comments I receive when I’m out discussing SEO with clients or prospects: I had a guy who used to do it for me years ago and got me to #1 in three weeks. How much would you charge to do that?


He can sell you anything you want, but does he actually care about the product or service he’s selling to really understand it–and most importantly, how it will effect you?

And now is when, in the conversation, I ask if that person is still in SEO. I’ve never received a “yes” yet. Why? Because SEO isn’t what it used to be. And it never will be again. So, many folks have since retired.

SEO, even today, is not created equal. In fact, I’ve seen far too many marketers or web gurus who less than breeze over the subject:

“Yea, we do SEO, of course, but we mainly do…”

And I’m sure they do aspects of SEO. Most all internet gurus have some inkling of what SEO is or does. But SEO is constantly changing.

In fact, last year alone proved over 570 algorithm updates alone. Many were not documented. That’s 1.56 updates a day.

I’m not trying to be a stickler, but in my opinion, one can not just “do SEO,” anymore–those were the days of plugging in a link to a directory a handful of times and voila–but they must eat, live, and breathe it.

They must be aware of upcoming updates, follow the right people, test, and implement before doing it all over again.

It’s a full-time job, literally.

And though there may be some “easy” steps to get closer to the top, SEO has become a lot like working out. Sure, you can get thin for a little while doing some wrap, pill, or cutting out an entire group of foods but you have to question if your health (or your website) will be okay–i.e. some “black hat” easy SEO techniques can get you black listed from Google.

But those who are willing to put in the hard work will see a major improvement over time and extended results in the long run.

We aren’t all created equal, ask any of us, and we request to get to know us if you’re interested.


Think of some of these SEO “do-ers” as the Darth Vader’s of SEO. They may put up a decent fight to get you to the top, but they’ll eventually be defeated (whether they fathered us or not: spoiler alert).

Maybe even dip a pinkie toe into what we do.

For many of us, we are more than happy to teach you a thing or two. After all, this is our work, our passion, and our life. Why not share it?

Now, It’s Your Turn

So, my question for you today is this: what is one SEO, social media, or other internet marketing question that you’ve been toiling over?

We want to know (and help) in the comments below.

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