The One Crucial Piece of Your SEO Marketing Puzzle

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a puzzle in and of itself created from over 200 different pieces within the gigantic algorithm, each piece carrying a variable weight, to give you the search results you’re looking for.

Because if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you will type something new to refine your search.

But what many marketers and businesses are afraid of is becoming a detriment without their realizing.

We’re afraid to narrow ourselves in fear of squeezing out our market.


Becoming an expert in yoga could mean articles on better flexibility, building strength, and focus.
Not about dieting or fad weight loss pills.

We’re afraid to specialize in fear of no one needing our service.

If we take SEO as our marketing hero, we will see how this trend towards expansion and “everyone” as our audience could cause someone to never virtually step foot on our website.

The SEO algorithm was built (and constantly developing) with consumers, including you, in mind.

When I search for yoga classes in my hometown, I’m not looking for the businesses who build yoga studios or weight loss advice.

If that is my search results, I won’t be found sifting through pages of results. Instead, I’ll revise my terms to become more specific.

Perhaps from “yoga” to “yoga classes offered.”

Same idea should go to all businesses. Be specific in what you’re offering. Build content around it. Become the brain surgeon of your niche or industry.

Become the expert.

SEO rankings love experts. They love great content based around your choice topic.

And audiences love it.

Rather than sifting through one website’s content to find more articles about the topic because they’re a generalist who writes a little about everything, your website will become far more popular as you discuss further the specific topic.

What’s the crucial SEO marketing puzzle piece: be you and own it.

If you’re building smokers, why discuss kitchen recipes that never includes a smoker?


If you’re in the smoker or barbecue industry, you’re probably not going to share salad recipes.
No vegetables were harmed in the making of this photograph.

If you’re a commercial builder, why discuss the protocols for building a well?

If you’re a traditional marketer, why discuss the digital variety?

By keeping with your specialty, you’re the brain surgeon who knows the ins and outs. And no one wants to have surgery from a general practitioner, right?

Be the expert in your field.

Now It’s Your Turn

What niche are your breaking into? Are you looking to expand into another sector?

What do you believe you will do better to prove yourself the expert within your industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for tuning in!


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