Small Business Highlight: Therapeutiks

Gail Williams, owner of Therapeutiks, is one of those people who you can’t help but enjoy being around. She’s bubbly and fun with energy she should bottle up and sell on Etsy. When she offered me a free “ride” on her newest massage equipment, I couldn’t resist.

After all, for many of us in business, we work hard without much of a break. I can’t count how many times I’ve said, “I just don’t have time for a massage today.”


Gail Williams, owner and massage therapist at Therapeutiks

This, however, was a 15 minute session–quicker than my lunch breaks or composing an article. And after all, I love to try new things.

When I arrived, the room was cast in a warm glow and in the middle was the Vibro Tune table she was talking about. From hearing about it, I expected much of a big box store chair massager. I mean, sure it feels good but it’s short lasting.

And that’s the thing with quick massages–they rarely last. And the long massages–well, they take a lot of time (but when we have the time, we swear that we need to do it more often for our health).

I emptied my pockets and sat up on the table in a position much like an armchair. She provided a blanket and had me to relax my shoulders as she slipped over the noise-reducing headphones.

She asked loudly (but muffled for me) if I was okay, if I needed anything. I gave her a thumbs up and closed my eyes.

What happened next blew my mind. Still blows my mind.

It’s hard to describe the sensations your body feels when you close you eyes and are fully engulfed in an array of beautiful, sensory music with an accompanying vibrations all along your body. It begins deep and build outwards towards your fingers and toes.


The Vibro Tune table uses music and sound with corresponding vibration to transcend deep into tense muscles for ultimate relaxation.

And it is relaxing, naturally. Without the pain or tensing up, the music swells and releases, taking your stresses and thoughts with it.

It becomes a mindful meditation. The music, not loud, sweeps you in and thoughts of deadlines and to-do lists vanish.

Scientists say that mindful meditation can relieve stress and depression (among so many other things). And the Mayo Clinic released information on all the benefits of massage therapy.

All in all, combining the two of these as a business-owner’s health strategy is overwhelmingly beneficial.

And truth be told, the Vibro Tune table, and Gail at Therapeutiks, is better than you can imagine.

I can only imagine what her specialized massages are like, focusing on myofascial release, lymph damage, and others. Therapeutiks even offers couples massage retreats.

I think it’s time to treat yourself. Your company is dependent on your health.

Contact her today to schedule a 15-minute Vibro Tune (or massage therapy) session with her today. Get swept up in relaxation.

I guarantee you that you’re going to love it.

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