Why Your Business Needs To Tweet

I held a seminar recently on social media for businesses and which social media platforms do best for different industries. There was a great turnout and great questions involved.

How does Google treat Twitter?

Coming off of the social media kick, I discovered a report put out by Stone Temple Consulting that looked at the amount of Twitter tweets were being indexed within Google.

As of February, very, very few.twitter-logo-with-cartoon-blue-bird

About 0.6%.

What does this mean?

It could mean that because Twitter limits it’s character count to 140 (and because Google’s algorithm relies so heavily on excellent content), tweets are not seen as worthy content. How could they, after all, when you’re given such confounding perimeters, right?

It could be something else altogether.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, we’re beginning to see an uptick in the amount of tweets being indexed within Google: in some cases up 548%.

Of course, don’t get me wrong, that’s an impressive percentage however, when you start so small, it still means that Google is only indexing a portion of all the tweets in existence.

Just because you’re tweeting, doesn’t mean Google sees it.

Giving you the data, it may seem like it’s not time to jump on that tweeting train just yet, however, let me give you this food for thought:

Google is treating the tweets from Twitter influencers (with a large number of followers) with greater care than the more “common folk.” Those with a larger following will find more of their tweets indexed than those without the following. Why? Because it shows authority, and authority means that you may have something important to say that Google doesn’t want to miss.

Why should your business be concerned about Twitter?

twitter-homepage-exampleIt takes time to become an influencer, building followers and receiving favorites and retweets. So now that Google is at the beginning phases of indexing these feeds, it is time for you to get your own feet wet.

Share pictures, links, and thoughtful (short) information over the platform. Follow those who are your ideal audience as well as others within your industry to learn more about what flops on Twitter and which tweets are considered a home run.

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